El Salvador

Here are some posts from the old blog from a trip to El Salvador:

Hotel Real Bahia Dorada

When we walked into the hotel, we were happy to see a night clerk at the desk who spoke English.

Hotel Real Bahia Dorada in San Luis de la Herradura, El Salvador
Hotel Real Bahia Dorada in San Luis de la Herradura, El Salvador

He quickly got us checked in so we could get some shuteye after the long trip. However, the sight on the counter was the crowning glory that made us feel at home. It announced the meal times which included three meals plus “Snack” twice a day! Our kind of place!

Getting to the Hotel via the “Senic Route”

The flat happened after about three or four miles out on the road leading out of the airport.  After it was fixed we drove on toward the Hotel Real Bahia Dorada, which is a beachfront hotel in the town of San Luis de la Herradura. To get there, we had Framaroot merupakan aplikasi yang digunakan untuk Root Android kamu tanpa harus terhubung ke komputer. to again skate on the brink. It is now after midnight in a strange (to us) country with a very poor population and few road signs. I knew we needed to go north out of the airport, which is fortunately quite a distance from the dangers lurking in the capitol city, and turn right on Highway 2. That part went without a hitch, but I was nervous about finding the turn-off to Herradura. Fortunately, the sign was there and we were headed south toward the beach. Toward the end of the road in Herradura it became obvious that something was wrong. The street was narrow and the occupants did not look at all savory. We had missed the turn to the beach and were in downtown Herradura. Ruth commented that we were not in Kansas any more and I quickly made a u-turn with people gathering (in my mind, at least!). We scooted back a couple of miles to where I had thought perhaps the turn was. Later, we learned that the area was safe, but, they recommended we not go to downtown Herradura after dark! (Try 1:00 a.m.!) Soon we were driving along the beach road and finally at the hotel.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going to El Salvador

People said I was crazy to go to El Salvador. I really didn’t think anything of it until after the plane landed. I had been bored and looked through the reading material in the seat pocket. An article about personal safety in El Salvador caught my eye. It said to beware of robberies. It said one of the tricks was that the robbers would do something to the tire of your rent car so it goes flat and you get robbed when you stopped to fix it. I did not advise Ruth of this, she seemed wary enough of going to a place where no one she has ever known has ever been as it was. We had been delayed a long time in Houston and we arrived after 11:00 p.m. The airport was almost deserted. I looked for our rent car company. Nobody seemed to speak any English, so my rudimentary Spanish came in handy. Thank goodness I had reserved a car in advance, because our car seemed to be the only rental car in sight. We got packed in and drove off about 11:30 p.m. hopefully headed toward the beach hotel I picked out on line. Ten minutes out of the airport, you guessed it, a flat! I pulled over to the side of the road in a spot with a little light coming from a “Welcome to El Salvador” billboard. Thank goodness, I had brought my Sprint cell phone with international access and was able to call the number on the car contract. I was nervous because I could barely see a car pulled over on the other side of the divided roadway and they seemed to be watching us. Nobody on the phone at midnight spoke a word of English. I tried Spanish: “El auto has el flato in el tireo. Need helpo muy pronto.” With about twenty minutes of gradually improving Spanish, they finally understood well enough to send the employee with the least seniority out and got the tire changed minutes before a gang of vicious robbers were scheduled to bludgeon us beyond recognition and steal our Skippy Peanut Butter from the luggage. With great relief, we soon drove away back on the road to the hotel. The car of guys was still on the other side, watching us. I could see them clearly as we got even with them. It was the Federal Police making sure no one bothered us!