From Kantunilkin to Chiquila

Not having WiFi in hotels advertising it has put a major crimp in getting posts out. Never believe there is really WiFi until you see it in action. It’s like a sign at a gas station advertising gas for 25 cents a gallon, oh, but we are out…

We reluctantly left the restaurant at Kantunilkin because we were not sure of the ferry schedule from Chiquila to Isla Holbox. We didn’t want to get stuck in Chiquila over night.  In Chiquila the principal industry seems to be parking cars for tourists going on the ferry to Isla Holbox. There are no cars or trucks allowed on Holbox, other than commercial delivery vehicles. There was a recommendation on for a particular lot owned by Don Patricio. Sure enough, when we drove to the end of the road by the waterfront and turned right, it was about a block down on the right.

Don Patricio's Parking Lot at the ferry port in Chilaquila.
Don Patricio’s Parking Lot at the ferry port in Chilaquila.

There is covered parking and the charge was 50 pesos per day. The car was just as we left it when we got back. They even rode us and our bags to the ferry on a bicycle cart.

At the ferry dock, there is a red and a blue ticket booth. They correspond to the red and blue ferry boats

The "Red" ferry boat to Holbox.
The “Red” ferry boat to Holbox.

that leave every hour, one on the hour and the other on the half hour. Look to see which is the next boat (they will probably guide you) and but tickets at that booth.  can ride upstairs in the open and see the view or downstairs, inside in the air conditioning. The ride takes about a half hour.