Where did we put those old Pesos from our last trip to Mexico?

I love to travel and invariably, I return with a pocket full of the local currency.  I am writing this from the plane having just left Houston Hobby in route to Cancun for our next adventure in the Yucatan. Before we left, I searched all the stash places for leftover currency and found several hundred Pesos in various places. (Note to self: Lets combine these stashes in the drawer where we keep the passports. Maybe separate envelopes for each country. Self to me: Sure Chuckie, I’m all over that.)

It occurred to me that Mexico has devalued the Peso at some point and my currency may not be current. I dug around and found a page on the Bank of Mexico website that was very helpful. It has pictures of the various series of bills and their current value. Most of my bills could be exchanged at face value, but one twenty peso bill is now only worth 1/10th of a peso! Not worth the effort to exchange.