International Travel on the Cheap

In this blog, I will describe some of the international travels that Ruth and I do and try to give you some travel tips from what we have learned. We try to travel on the cheap, but without sacrificing a certain amount of creature comfort. More than once we have reserved a room and paid for it only to pick up and move, sometimes losing our money. Life’s too short to be uncomfortable on vacation! We will disclose our mistakes hoping others will not repeat them.
The profile picture is from the biergarten at the Eagle’s Nest in Southern Germany. It was a very cool place to visit. It was built on top of a mountain for Hitler in WWII, but he was so afraid of heights that he seldom went there. You can see thecropped-Logan-at-Eagles-nest-1.jpg meadow where the outdoor scene in the Sound of Music was filmed from the biergarten.

The posts are in reverse chronological order (newest on top). If you are interested in a particular country, you might want to navigate to the oldest post first and read forward.