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MythDHR (www.mythdhr.com) web portal is designed for home depot employees. They believe that acquaints are their main competitors. They try to attract and retain their valuable employees. Around 27-28,000 employees are currently working there. MythDHR online portal provides a variety of different options, you can check it by going to their official web page at www.mythdhr.com.

MyTHDHR also known as Headquarters Numbers, offers amenities to people who want to trace their payroll histories, Schedules, and much more. Employees just have to visit their my schedule web page by logging in to that page they can manage their schedules and new updates.

Home Depot MythDHR Benefits?

Recently, the team of human resources under Home Depot has put a lot of thought into creating benefits programs for its employees. These programs are well-rounded and provide plenty of services as follows:

  • Medical insurance benefits for ensuring high-end Healthcare to the Employees.
  • Dental insurance is available to access dental reimbursement.
  • Vision insurance covers expenditures related to eye examinations, frames, lenses, and contacts.
  • The accidental death and dismemberment insurance is available for the unfortunate loss of the employees due to accidental death or loss of the Limb or paralysis.
  • Life Insurance is available as an added benefit to the health care plan of the employees.
  • The retirement plans are available in the form of profit and registered retirement plans for the enhancement of the employees.
  • Employee stock purchase plans are available to build ownership within the company.
  • Employees also get an additional 15% off in company stock while buying shares.
  • Maternity leave is available for the employees where the company pays 50% of the difference between Associates’ salary and employment insurance. The maternity leave that is granted to its employees is around 52 weeks
  • The paternity leave is available by the company to pay 50% of the difference between the Associate’s salary for the entire leave and Employment insurance. Paternity benefits availability marks the adoption of financial assistance and assistance for the employees.
  • The company provides $5,000 per child for full-time employees. However, $1500 is available for part-time employees as well.
  • Tuition reimbursement is available for supporting the employees’ future by enhancing educational support for the child. The company also takes the responsibility of providing 50% of the tuition fees up to $5000 every year.
  • Availability of time off benefits means that their employees will get vacation leave of absence for 6 days, sick leave as well as bereavement days. Some programs provide the benefit of assistance for immediate family members. Discounts are available for the home groups and Care Insurance.
  • The availability of success sharing income is available for the people who earn more sales. Management, incentive, and bonus are available for managers based on non-financial and financial indicators.
  • Other benefits available here include benefits for part-time and full-time employees. Full-time employees can easily get a double amount of paid holiday vacation and Sick leave as that of part-time employees. Full-time employees can also earn around 40 hours of vacation leave during the first and second year of working at home depot.
  • On the other hand, part-time employees can only earn 20 hours within the same time frame. Sick leave accrual is quite similar where the part-time employees get 2 hours a month and the full-time employees get 4 hours a month.