International Travel on the Cheap!

Chuckie’s in love with Ruth and they both love to travel.  In this blog, I will describe some of the international travels that Ruth and I do.  We hate to spend a lot of money, so we will tell you how we travel on the cheap and still have a luxury experience. Please excuse the messy website. It is under construction.
I am a retired lawyer and Ruth has retired from a career as a court clerk.  I started travelling internationally just after I began practicing law in 1972.  I didn’t have a lot of money, so I traveled to the closest country, Mexico.  I fell in love with a small island off the Yucatan coast named isla Mujeres.  At that time it was only accessible by air from Merida, Mexico and the plane was a DC-3.  I remember the first bumpy flight at about 500 feet altitude.  The cockpit door was open (remember those days?) and you could clearly see the dirt runway carved out by the sea. When the plane approached you could see taxis on the streets, rushing to meet us at the makeshift airport. It would be the first of over 50 trips to this idyllic island.
(The profile picture is from the biergarten at the Eagle’s Nest in Southern Germany. It was a very cool place on the top of a mountain. It was built for Hitler in WWII, but he was so afraid of heights that he seldom went there. You can see the meadow where the outdoor scene in the Sound of Music was filmed from the biergarten.)